Using Video Questions in Mobile Research

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Capturing user feedback on mobile devices

With video questions researchers can capture testimonials, execute ethnographic research, and conduct mystery shopping studies.

The video question capability used in conjunction with other research features, such as the ability to visualize users’ mouse movements on the screen and clickstreams enables UX & CX researchers to gain rich insight into the customer experience.

Video User Feedback
“Video Questions is a new question type allowing researchers to capture both audio and video recordings from study participants on iOS and Android devices.”

Case Study: Mobile Usability Test

At UserZoom we conducted a short demo mobile usability test to illustrate how capturing user videos in conjunction with quantitative, qualitative and behavioral data can enrich study results.

In this study, we examined the mobile shopping experience on, the second largest discount retailer in the US. Note that a small sample was recruited for this demo and the results of this study should not be regarded as conclusive. For a remote study of this nature, we would recommend a minimum of 100 participants.

Mobile Research Overview

We recruited:

  • 25 participants to performed two tasks on using a mobile device.
  • The participants provided feedback about their experience via a series of quantitative, qualitative, and video questions.
  • The study took approximately 10 minutes for participants to complete.

Task 1: Product Research and Comparison

Mobile Research Results

In the first task, participants researched two different steam mops and were asked to determine which one had a larger water tank capacity.

64% succeeded with the task and on average spent a little over two minutes and had 10 clicks.

Despite many participants succeeding with the task, only 44% found the process of researching and comparing steam mops easy.

Mobile Research Results

Product Comparison

In the following video, the participant describes his frustration with looking at each product separately and not being able to compare the product features side by side:

When viewing video questions along side with the screen recordings of each user session, researchers can see exactly what participants are doing on the site and the types of obstacles encountered.

In the following screen recording, the participant is unable to compare products side-by-side. He has to navigate to each one separately and remember the water tank capacity for each product. This video helps illustrate the top two frustrations with comparing products and too many clicks required.

Product Categories

Another obstacle encountered by 16% of participants is not knowing where to find products. The following participant cited problems with determining which product category to use when looking for a steam mop:

The following screen recording video for another participant shows similar difficulties. When faced with the 6 product categories on the mobile home page, this particular participant tried looking for steam mops under electronics.


Task 1: Shopping Cart and Checkout

Mobile Research Results Task 2

After completing the first task, participants attempted to place one of the steam mops into the shopping cart and begin the checkout process.

Any participants who reached the correct page (in this case, the payment page) were automatically marked as successful in the task through the use of URL validation.

Mobile Research Results Task 2

In this study, 72% succeeded in the task. On average participants spent approximately 2.5 minutes, viewed 6 pages and clicked 11 times.

Participants found it easier to place an item in the shopping cart (64%) in comparison to researching products in the prior task (44%).

Reasons for difficulty and not successfully completing the task varied. Some of the unaided comments include:

“I clicked on the little icon to add to cart and it still sent me to a page where it asked me to add it again. I didn’t like that.”

“Had a hard time updating the quantity. The missing suite / apartment message was confusing.”

“Add to cart button was hard to find.”


44% indicated they trust with their personal information. Many of those who did not trust the site mentioned the recent Target hacking incident when personal information was stolen.

In our small demo study, yielded 44% satisfaction ratings and received -28% net promoter score (NPS).


The video question is a high-performance addition to the other tools and capabilities offered by UserZoom. Not only can quantitative, qualitative, and behavioral data can be collected, but participants can also be ‘interviewed’ via video question and verbally express their thoughts and user feedback.

User video responses provide a face behind the data collected, capturing any accompanying facial expressions that would otherwise be undetected when relying solely on written qualitative responses.

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