• An important component of measuring user experience of a website is to know how it performs in comparison to its competitors.

    Competitive benchmarking is a research method where you compare a website’s key performance measures with its direct or indirect competitors.

    The results of competitive benchmark studies help establish best practices, form baseline performance metrics, identify problem areas and build a vision and direction for product strategies for the next product release cycle.

Goals of conducting UX Benchmarking

Key outcomes of competitive benchmark testing

  • Obtain Competitive Performance Metrics on Usability KPIs

    Know precisely how your website fairs against your competitors on usability KPIs such as: Response Times, Success Rate, Satisfaction, Brand Perception
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

    What is your competitive advantage? What are your weaknesses? Identify functional areas where you exceed your user’s expectations as well as areas that need improvement.
  • Gain Market Intelligence & Domain Knowledge

    Gather key insights into the competitor’s product strategies. Get metrics on how users perceive your brand and product offering differently to ultimately gain a competitive edge.
  • Develop New Insights and Inspiration

    What are the product goals that will drive revenue for the next release? Get competitor insights that help establish clear design directions. Get data driven insights that help create a product that is superior and more innovative than the competitors’.

Examples of Competitive UX Benchmarking with UserZoom

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What results do you get?

Get Key Performance Metrics for your website and your competitor’s and draw insights for design changes, with the ultimate goal of enhancing your user’s delight while using your website.

  • Efficiency Metrics

    Measure the time it takes to perform key user tasks on your site and compare it to your competitors.
  • Effectiveness Metrics

    Compare success rates against competitor’s. Learn how your competitors are doing better or worse in terms of user goal accomplishment.
  • Ease & Satisfaction Metrics

    Triangulate the usability issues based on the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction ratios to identify usability issues as well as areas of improvement.
  • Brand Perception

    Measure pre and post task brand perception metrics. Identify and solve real problems that your consumers face that will ultimately affect how they perceive you and rate you against your competitors.
  • Performance on Revenue Driven Tasks

    Get efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction metrics on revenue driven tasks. Also obtain repeat purchase intent metrics based on the site experience.
  • Likelihood to Recommend: Net Promoter Score

    Compare the likelihood of your users recommending your website vs. competitors to a friend or colleague.

Why do competitive benchmarking with UserZoom?

Get representative user feedback

Get feedback from users that match your target user personas by screening them on behavioral, socio-demographic and geographic criteria.

Obtain robust, well-rounded data

Get quantitative, qualitative and behavioral data that give you a more convincing picture of pain points and best practices that tell a compelling story of the user experience.

Convince stakeholders with statistically sound data

Results from large samples give you greater confidence to make business decisions based on competitive metrics.

Test easily & frequently

Repeat the same test quarterly to track performance and evaluate whether you consistently meet business objectives as well as whether you are on par or exceeding against competitors. There is no limit as to how many competitors you can test and no code that needs to be installed.

Spotlight Feature: Multi-Device UX Competitive Benchmarking

  • Benchmark against competitors across multiple devices.

    Test how your mobile, tablet and desktop websites perform against competitors’.

    UserZoom offers flexibility to test all operating systems, web browsers and devices.