You have to listen to your customers to create lasting experiences across all channels and touch points.

UserZoom offers a Voice of the Customer Solution to obtain tangible results:

  • Increase your Net Promoter Score
  • Resolve customer issues faster
  • Experience what it is like to interact with your brand across different channels
  • Leverage customer feedback and ideas to improve customer experiences
Customer Experience Manager

One Software For All Your CX Projects

Obtain Customer Feedback

Ask customers for their opinion in one of your stores, at home, in your online store, or while looking for information on your website or mobile web.

Analyse Customer Behaviour

Identify how usability issues affect online buying behaviour. Create a great User Experience, customer loyalty, and optimise your brand image.


Website Usability Testing

Observe how users behave on your website to solve usability issues. Increase user satisfaction rates and reduce costs. Enable customers to find answers online instead of calling your customer service team.

How does it work? What data do you obtain?


Mobile Customer Experiences

Use Mobile Usability Testing to understand how users behave on your App or mobile web. Find out if you meet user expectations.

How does it work? What data do you obtain?.


Measure Multi-Channel Experiences

Continuously measure customer experiences to prioritise what needs to be fixed and monitor your research results over time.

Share Research Results

Create different user profiles in UserZoom to share research findings in-house. Make customer information available to your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success Team. Export research results to word, excel, power point, and spss to easily create your CX reports.


Benchmark Competitors

Find out how you perform in comparison to your competition. Enhance customer loyalty and measure if customers think you fulfill your brand promise. Increase customer satisfaction levels and brand expectations.

Net Promoter Benchmark Studies

Continuously analyse the usability of your channels to measure customer loyalty in comparison to other brands in the market.


Collect In-House Feedback

Ask your employees for feedback by placing a feedback tab in your intranet. Run internal surveys to optimise and organise internal processes. Elaborate your corporate culture to improve every point of contact customers have with your company.


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Why Should You Use UserZoom
For Your Research?

      • To offer consistent experiences

        Customers are more than numbers on a worksheet. Listen and talk to them to relate to them. Identify what they are looking for at any touch point.

      • To create personalised experiences

        Every client is different. Know what each one of them is interested in, does, and searches for, to offer unique experiences.

      • To know how your customers feel

        Put yourself in your customers´ shoes. Find out how satisfied they are after interacting with your brand.

      • To interact with your customers

        Involve your users. Listen to their ideas and proposals. Offer tailored services to build a complete customer experience.

      • To stay flexible

        Monitor, track, detect, and fix problems quickly. Obtain real-time results and integrate them into your agile projects.

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