Front End Developer

We are looking for a talented Front End Developer. The candidate will join a qualified development team passionate by new technologies, user experience, apps and innovation. You will work in a SaaS scalable environment.

Essential Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or similar
  • Solid experience in HTML(4-5), CSS (2-3)
  • Solid experience in Javascript, applying OOP and MVC
  • Experience in libraries JS like jQuery, Underscore and Backbone
  • Experience in complex REST applications using Javascript
  • Ability to develop maintainable and reusable code with high performance
  • Experience with templates system
  • Experience in Real time applications
  • Experience developing and solving cross-browser bugs
  • Experience in Agile methodology
  • Experience in any CSS preprocessor (SASS, Stylus, LESS…)
  • Git Version control experience

Desirable Skills:

  • Proactive, dynamic and willing to learn
  • Ability to give new ideas and solutions
  • To be up to date regarding cutting edge technology
  • Experience in data oriented development: analytics, test A/B, etc.
  • Experience in TDD and/or BDD in JS
  • High level of English


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