When do users enjoy surfing a web shop or website, feel satisfied and frequently return to browse and buy?

UserZoom empowers you to better understand customer and user behaviour to constantly improve conversion rates and optimise digital brand experiences.

Choose from a broad range of research techniques, which deliver key information about your clients throughout their digital journeys and brand touch points.

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Develop Or Optimise Your Web Shop

How do you know if your ideas are in line with your visitors’ requirements? Run usability tests to make sure your shop adapts to your user needs when surfing on different devices.

  • Remote Usability Testing

    Test prototypes during the development phase to improve your web shop’s performance before launching a new feature. Save development costs.

  • Card Sorting

    Organise and classify the information and categories of your web menus according to the structure your potential buyers have in mind.

  • Tree Testing

    Make sure visitors understand the organisation, terminology and labels of your site‘s navigation.

  • Screenshot Testing

    Increase conversion rates on landing pages. Find out what users perceive to be the most important information and where they click first.

Continuously Improve Conversion Rates

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Identify what to improve and find out where usability issues hinder conversions. Spot trends and know when your customers’ needs change.

  • Launch A Monthly VoC

    Profile customers, identify user purposes and measure customer satisfaction: Voice of the Customer Studies are designed to find out who your visitors are, what they intent to do and if they achieve their goals.

    How does it work? What results do you get?
  • Integrate Web Analytics

    Combine customer satisfaction metrics like the Net Promoter Score obtained by a Voice of the Customer Survey with other traffic data to better explain bounce rates.
  • Run Online Usability Tests

    Ask participants to perform tasks on your site to identify usability issues and to understand why potential customers abandon a purchase.

    How does it work? What results do you get?

Improve The Multi-Device Experience

  • Mobile vs. Tablet

    Ask participants with Mobile Usability Testing to run the same task on a mobile and tablet to ensure you offer a positive Mobile Experience on all devices.
  • Mobile User Feedback

    Ask users for feedback with Mobile Voice of the Customer Surveys while they are experiencing your App or mobile web.
  • Mobile Conversions

    Frequently launch Mobile Surveys to gain valuable information about how to improve your mobile conversions.

Benchmark Competitors

Stay ahead of your competition. Launch a benchmark study to identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Find out how your web shop or mobile web perform in comparison to your competitors and optimise your Customer Experience accordingly.


Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Eliminate purchase barriers. Customer Research delivers valuable insight into your web shop´s usability issues. It is key to analyse buying behaviour and to make sure your potential customers perfectly understand your purchasing process.

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