The Evaluation Toolkit For Choosing The Right Remote Usability Testing Solution

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10 Checklists and an example Request For Proposal

Whether you need to conduct remote user tests and UX design projects or are looking for a solution to complement or even replace your in-lab usability studies, using the right UX testing tool can save time and effort.

Our evaluation toolkit helps you identify your organisation’s internal needs in order to choose and negotiate with potential software vendors:

The Evaluation Toolkit For Choosing The Right Remote User Testing Solution
  1. 10 checklists to analyse internal requirements: Find a Remote Usability Testing solution that best fits your company.
  2. A complete Request For Proposal: Organise, evaluate, and shape the process of selecting the right software vendor.

Selecting a strategic solution is a challenge. Be sure to make a solid decision based on all relevant details. We all know: The devil is in the details.

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