Building Studies

Building Studies

Whether you are launching a complex research project across all the touch points of your customer journey or a simple one to test a prototype, we can build the studies for you in line with your research goals and objectives.

By having us build your studies, you will leverage the experience and expertise of our professional UX team who has built hundreds of studies for a multitude of clients with different needs. And the best part? You can easily clone one of our studies so that next time you can hit the ground running without having to build your study from scratch.


We have experts on our team that can handle all the aspects involved in recruiting the right participants for your study. We will find representative users of your target audience (local or international), create a screener and then handle redirects, quotas and incentives.

We don’t believe in recruiting professional testers who take studies for living. We recruit only those participants who truly represent your actual users. To learn more, please visit our: Recruitment Options

study participants

Collecting data

Collecting Data

Once your study is in field, our UX experts will monitor the data as it comes in to make sure everything works as expected. With UserZoom’s live project monitoring feature, our UX team will be able to tell how many participants are active in the study, where participants are dropping out and how many have completed.

By actively monitoring the project, our UX team will be able to prevent errors if there are any as well as ensure that all the quotas are complete.

Data Analysis & Reporting

We believe that your research data needs to be actionable and empower your stakeholders make smart decisions. That’s why when creating reports, our team will analyze your research findings and will distill them into easy-to-understand charts and actionable recommendations.

We understand that your findings will be shared with decision makes who might not be very well-versed in all things UX. That’s why our reports are always straitforward and written in plain English.

Data Analysis & Repoting

Training & Support

Training & Support

We get you started with a comprehensive launch program that includes hands-on training, first-time set-up and integration consulting. We will work with you hand-in-hand on your first project and will show you how to analyze your data.

In addition to the access to our cutting-edge technology, we offer outstanding customer support. We’re here to help you along the way.

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