Intercept Live Visitors

Intercept Live Visitors

UserZoom has its own user recruitment tool that will intercept your actual customers as they visit your website. UserZoom will generate a customizable intercept layer to appear on one or more pages of your website. Potential participants will go from the invitation layer directly into your study

Email a link

UserZoom enables you to recruit participants off your own mailing list. Invitation links can be generated within the UserZoom interface and sent out via email and social media channels. You can use multiple links if you have more than one participant profile. Once participants click on an invitation link, they will access your study.

Invite by email

Invite via QR Codes

Invite via QR Codes

UserZoom can generate QR codes making it easy for you to invite participants to your mobile studies. QR codes are a powerful method for recruitment because they are essentially shortcuts. When participants see a QR code, they can conveniently scan it with their mobile devices and directly connect to a study. QR codes can be printed, emailed or accessed in a variety of ways.

Feedback Tab

The feedback tab allows you to gather the customer feedback from real participants visiting your website. Feedback projects commonly measure satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score). You can customize the look and feel of the feedback tab to match it with your brand and can also position it exactly where you need it on your webpage, the location is now fully flexible.

Intercept Live Visitors

Panel vendors

Panel Vendors

UserZoom has an agreement with the leading sampling companies to make it easier for you to recruit the participants you need. Panels will find the participants, direct them into your project, and provide participant compensation. You can request a quote from any of our partners inside your UserZoom account. You can also work with your own panel provider if you choose to.

How we can help you:

  • 1 Defining Target Audience

    Testing your product with your end users is critical to the success of your research. We will work with you on defining your target audience based on their demographics and key behaviors.
  • 2 Creating a Screener

    Once we have your target audience defined, we will build a screener to ensure that the right participants take the study and the people that you don’t want are filtered out.
  • 3 Finding Participants

    Different studies may require different approaches to finding the right participants. We have recruited participants for a variety of studies and know which approach would work better for your study. See more details below.
  • 4 Handling Redirects

    There are a few ways that participants can exit your study: complete the study, get screened out, and reach the full quota stage. When working with a panel vendor, it is important to have this information in order to incentivize participants.
  • 5 Managing Quotas

    You may have different requirements as to how many users of a certain demographic you’d like to have in your study. For example, you may want 60% males and 40% females. We will manage your quotas to make sure they are filled as required.
  • 6 Handling Incentives

    We will make sure that your participants are incentivized. Incentives include compensating with cash, digital currency or points. Incentives are determined by study length, complexity and the topical expertise of respondents.

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