• Is your business expanding into international markets?

    If so, one thing you need to be confident on is that your website, mobile site, or app is global friendly. Adapting user interfaces to a regional market is not simply translating from one language to another.

    With today’s developed and developing nations, there are many cultural subtleties that must be taken into account: is your site’s messaging appropriate for an international audience? What do the colours on your app represent? Are they perceived offensively? These are all things you should research and test for.

    Performing international testing and research with UserZoom can help you ensure that your sites and apps will be both valuable to, and adopted by, your target users here and abroad.

Recruit the right participants for studies abroad

One of the more expensive and challenging aspects of conducting international research & testing is finding the right participants for your studies.

Amongst our many options for recruiting, UserZoom takes out the grunt work by helping you locate, acquire and manage users that represent your target audience, quickly and easily.

UserZoom gives you access to over 6.5 million profiles, comprised of real and responsive people, spanning across 86 countries. Whether you need to test with every day consumers, business professionals, hard-to-reach audiences, or even healthcare professionals around the world, UserZoom has you covered.

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What type of research can you conduct?

  • Remote Usability Testing

    Evaluate how your site or app performs internationally and identify areas for improvement. Is it easy to use? Can users find what they need in a timely manner? Learn more
  • Design Validation

    Ensure project success by validating design decisions and correcting potential pitfalls, backed by user data, as part of the design process, and even after launch.
  • UX Benchmarking

    Identify your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your competition. You can test any site since no coding is required. Conduct a baseline study and measure how your website performs over time.
  • Iterative Testing

    Conduct iterative testing and get rapid feedback on prototypes, wireframes and even mockups.
  • Marketing Research

    Conduct Voice of the Customer Studies and competitive research, test campaign effectiveness, obtain qualitative insights on key metrics, and perform ad & concept testing.
  • Internal Usability Testing

    Test for usability issues with your own organization and see how your users experience internal systems, like intranets

How does it work?

  • 1 Create a Study

    Build a study with tasks for users to perform. You can select from 17 languages of pre-programed system text.
  • 2 Invite Participants

    Invite participants via email, social media or a panel provider.
  • 3 Analyse Results

    Obtain automatically generated data with graphs, user videos and session recordings. Filtering options make your analysis easy and efficient.

What results do you get?

  • Usability Data

    Effectiveness Ratios,Efficiency Ratios, User Satisfaction Rates

  • Qualitative Data

    User Facial Expressions, Audio Feedback & Screen Recordings

  • Behavioral Data

    Heatmaps and Clickstreams

  • Attitudinal Data

    Ease of Use, Net Promotore Score (NPS)

  • Information Architecture Data

    Dendograms, Distance Matrices, Raw Data

  • Marketing Research Data

    Get Data on pre and post task brand perception and how they perceive you and rate you against your competitors

Why conduct international user testing and research?

Cost-Effective & Agile

When conducting research and testing abroad, travel and equipment costs can really add up. With UserZoom, you don’t need to rent expensive lab equipment and spend man-hours in a lab. You don’t even have to leave the office. You can work on an agile timeline and have lean budgets.

Wider Geographic Reach

Recruiting users for international testing and research needs is easy. At UserZoom, we partner with top vendors who have a wide and diverse range of participants who can be found all over the world.

Localized Interface with 17 Languages

UserZoom’s interface can be easily localized by selecting from a pre-populated drop down that includes 17 languages. You may also translate your own text to a language not on our list and insert it into the customized section.

Global Presence and Global Support

With offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Spain, UserZoom has a global presence for all your customer support needs.

Outstanding Research Team & Translation Services

Need an extra pair of hands? We work closely with a diverse profile of people, such as translators, to ensure your project goes as smoothly as intended and you get the help required.

Qualitative & Quantitative Data

In addition to survey metrics, collect video, audio and screen recording together and other behavioural data.

How Monster Performs a Usability Test of their International Sites

UserZoom helped Monster build a better user experience using large sample sizes across different markets, identifying opportunities for improvement in a very short period and capturing longitudinal metrics to demonstrate improvement over time.

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Case Study Monster

Spotlight Feature: 17 Languages available

  • Don’t have a translator on-hand?

    No problem: UserZoom can be localized in English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Greek, and Korean.

    You may also translate your own text to a language not on our list and insert it into the customized section.

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