• Get the insight you need to give app users the experience they deserve.

    Whether you are working on a prototype or iterating on an existing app, it’s crucial to get beyond the reviews and give app users the best experience possible.

    With UserZoom’s task-based mobile app usability testing solution, you can get real people to test your mobile app, so you can measure, manage and improve your app’s performance during the first phases of deployment.

Why is UserZoom’s software unique?

In-The-Wild Testing

Collecting mobile data from participants in a lab will never be as good as obtaining data from users in their natural settings. Gather feedback from your target audience, as they participate on their own devices, just about anywhere.

Quick & Cost-Effective

Say goodbye to expensive lab equipment and manual labor. With UserZoom, no moderation is required. Collect feedback in a matter of hours and take advantage of real-time, automated data.

Quantitative & Qualitative Data

Many solutions offer just one or the other. Get the full story: UserZoom’s mobile app testing solution automatically collects both quantitative (UX metrics) and qualitative (screen recordings) data.

Multiple Recruiting Options

Either intercept real users directly from your app or send an invitation link to your target audience through email.

International App Testing

With over 17 languages to choose from, UserZoom’s interface can be easily localized by select from a simple drop down. UserZoom gives you access to more than 6.5 million profiles, composed of real and responsive people spanning across 86 countries.

Multi-Stage & Agile Testing

Test as much as you want during the most important cycles of your app’s release. Not only can you run tests on live apps, but you can also use dynamic HTML prototypes to identify usability issues upfront.

Professional Services

Don’t have all hands on deck? No problem: UserZoom’s team of experts offer full support and troubleshooting to make things work seamlessly for you, including the installation of our SDK.

What results do you get?

  • User Screen Recording
  • Effectiveness Ratios (success, error, abandonment and timeout)
  • Efficiency Ratios (time on task and number of clicks)
  • Behavioral Events
  • User Satisfaction Rates
  • User Comments

Would you like to see the results for yourself?

With UserZoom's Task-Based for Mobile You Can Test...

Live Mobile Apps

Already have an app deployed? Test your live mobile apps with real users or invite your target audience to participate remotely.

Mobile App Prototypes

Have your mobile app prototype hosted online? With UserZoom’s mobile app solution, you can run task-based testing on HTML prototypes, too.

How does it work?

  • 1. Build your study

    Build a study with tasks for users to perform. Use logic and conditions to manage follow-up questions.
  • 2. Invite Participants

    Send out invitation links via email or intercept users within your mobile app and invite them to take a study whenever a specific event/action is done. Learn more
  • 3. Collect Responses

    Obtain automatically generated data with graphs and session recordings & more.
  • 4. Analyze Results

    Filtering options make your analysis easy and efficient.

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