With Mobile Voice of the Customer you can run online surveys once users have experienced your App.

Collect user feedback from various user profiles and user contexts:

  • From App users

  • From in-store customers

  • From home users

Mobile VoC for Apps
What are the key benefits?

Intercept your App users and:

  • Get real-time customer feedback to avoid negative user ratings.
  • Conduct a soft launch and solve usability issues before products are launched.
  • Measure mobile customer satisfaction levels and mobile customer experiences.
  • Identify how your mobile users interact with other channels.
  • Profile users and find out what intention mobile visitors have when downloading your App.

Listen to your customers: Try VoC Mobile.

How does it work?

  • 1 Users browse

    Real mobile users open and browse your App
  • 2 Intercept some

    When leaving your App, some users are invited to participate
  • 3 Obtain feedback

    Participants provide their feedback in the mobile survey

What results do you get?

  • Quantitative Data

  • Qualitative Data

  • Customer Satisfaction Metrics

  • Mobile Screen Recordings

  • Clickpaths

  • Mobile Customer Feedback

Mobile VoC for in-store research

Collect real-time feedback from mobile customers while they are shopping in your bricks and mortar store or while they are using your products at home by placing a QR code on store displays, on price tags, or inside a product box.

  • In-store customers are invited to participate in a mobile survey.
  • Participants scan the QR code and start the mobile questionnaire.
  • Customers answer questions on their own mobile phones.

Video Questions

Users film their answers

With Video Questions – another UserZoom feature for Mobile Research – users record their feedback with their own mobile device.

Watch and listen to mobile customers giving feedback and answering questions about your shop, products, and services.

Filter and analyse their feedback videos by user ratings, answer types and more.

What makes UserZoom’s Mobile VoC unique?

UserZoom is the first choice for companies wanting more than just a mobile survey tool.

voc unique

Survey Customisation:

Customise your mobile questionnaire and choose what you want to measure and how. Also adapt the look & feel to your brand.

Customer Behaviour:

Besides mobile user feedback, you also obtain behavioural data: user videos, screen recordings and clickpaths.

Easy to implement:

By including the UserZoom Software Development Kit (SDK) in your App, you are able to modify the mobile survey, pause it, change the interception rate and more.

Additional Service:

Decide whether you build and conduct a study or if you are too busy, ask one of our Customer Experience Consultants to do it for you.

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How can we help you?

  1. When buying a UserZoom Licence you will be provided with an in-depth training and guidance. Our multilingual Customer Success Team is always available if you need support. In addition, you can find manuals and information in our online help section.
  2. If you lack in-house resources or need help with your research projects, you can always count on our User and Customer Experience Consultants in 4 countries (UK, Germany, Spain, USA) and our partners in more than 20 countries worldwide.

How our Customers benefit from Mobile Voice of the Customer

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Customer Research

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