• Be successful with User-Centered Design & Agile Development

    UserZoom allows you to:

    • Rapidly test designs and concepts with small or large numbers of users
    • Collect first impressions and expectations of interacting with new designs
    • Test static pages and answer questions such as:
      • How do users perceive the purpose of the site?
      • Where would users click to access specific information?
    • Measure user interaction on functional prototypes
    • Test desktop or mobile prototypes
    • Get quick access to data and video in your dashboard
    • Test prototypes for anything – websites, applications, product concepts

Agile Prototype Testing

Test throughout the development cycle

Use remote unmoderated testing to validate UX design and UX development ideas.

Ask actual users

For user-centered design to be effective, testing prototypes with real users is a must.

Test early and often

The longer you wait to test ideas, the more costly it becomes to make changes.

Include Agile cycles

Test prototypes frequently and rapidly to align with your Agile development cycle.

Easily iterate & update studies

Make updates or corrections to your tests in UserZoom on-the-fly. Copy and re-launch prior studies easily.

Share results quickly

Once participants are invited to complete a test, results are usually available within hours. Share data quickly with your teams and make critical decisions to help your product development stay on track.

What research can you perform?

Test anything that can be hosted online or uploaded as an image

  • Web-based interfaces

    Test live websites or functional prototypes hosted online in tools like Axure, Justinmind, and iRise or other high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Static pages, wireframes

    Also test low-fidelity prototypes. Upload & utilize static assets within your studies and store them for future use.
  • A/B testing

    Create studies that compare multiple designs or sites, or test new designs vs. current design.
  • Market research

    Get user feedback on new product concepts, marketing messaging, branding and more.

What results do you get?

  • Effectiveness Ratios (success, error, abandonment and timeout)
  • Clickstreams & Heatmaps
  • Efficiency Ratios (time on task and number of clicks)
  • Survey-style data before, during or after the test
  • Written user comments
  • User videos including user facial expressions, audio feedback & screen recording

Why is UserZoom’s software unique?

  • Quant. and qual. data

    Collect quantitative (UX metrics) and qualitative (user videos) data


    17 languages supported

    Conduct international research with our localized interface


    Reach users easily

    Invite participants from anywhere using invitation URLs or QR codes


    Flexible recruiting

    Recruit participants from your customer database or other panel sources

  • Quick results

    Receive results as quickly as within an hour


    Easy image uploads

    Upload images & screenshots – no hosting needed


    User Videos

    Record users’ facial expressions, audio feedback & browsing behaviour


    Large or small samples

    Run studies with very small or very large numbers of participants


    No-hassle participant experience

    Easy-to-follow instructions for participants

Multiple methods for prototype testing

  • Screenshot Testing

    Use UserZoom's Screenshot Click Testing to measure users’ first impressions or initial intent and first clicks on a static page. Use Screenshot Timeout Testing to understand what users see & comprehend within the first few seconds of viewing a page
  • Card Sorting, Tree Testing

    UserZoom's Tree Testing solution helps you evaluate findability of topics within menu structures. Our Card Sorting solution lets users categorize items into your proposed menu structure or lets participants create and label their own groups Also, you can test static images containing full page & menus, or menus only
  • Task-based Testing

    With UserZoom's use of the Remote Unmoderated Usability Testing method you can test functioning prototypes or sites to measure task success rates, time-on-task; collect clickstreams that measure key user behaviors

Spotlight Features

  • Screenshot Click Testing

    Test the design validation of new or existing sites. UserZoom’s Screenshot Click Testing allows you to test wireframes & website screenshots. Measure effectiveness by gathering success and error metrics, in addition to the findability of important content.

    Click locations are recorded and conveniently presented as a heatmap, displaying first and all clicks.

  • Prototype Hosting

    Creating a prototype and testing it with real users is an essential step in the user-centered design process.

    In order to make your prototype accessible to users remotely, it needs to be hosted online first. UserZoom can host your prototype for you, so you don’t need to involve your IT department.

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