Screenshot Click Testing

Wonder where your visitors are clicking?

UserZoom’s Screenshot Click Testing allows you to evaluate first impressions and first clicks on your wireframes or website screenshots. Users’ click locations are recorded and conveniently presented as a heatmap, displaying first and all clicks.

Screenshot Click Testing is perfect for design and UX teams testing the design validation of new or existing sites, as you can measure effectiveness by gathering success and error metrics, in addition to the findability of important content.

Screenshot Click Testing is an integral part of your roadmap in navigational redesign.

Screenshot Timeout Testing

Screenshot Timeout Testing

What catches a user’s attention on your site?

UserZoom’s Screenshot Timeout Testing allows you to check whether users see the most important information within the first couple of seconds and if what they see grabs their attention.

Screenshot Timeout Testing ensures a high inception rate by understanding how easy it is for customers to obtain the information they are looking for – before losing their interest. Lower your bounce back rate and ensure customers are not leaving to visit your competitors site.

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Combine results with UserZoom

With UserZoom, you only need one all-in-one research platform for all your projects. The software allows you to use and combine a variety of research techniques in only one usability study. Ensure that all page elements are visible to your visitors and can easily be understood by every user. Obtain results quickly and save research costs.

Are you redesigning your website?

UserZoom allows you to customise your mobile questionnaire and adapt the look & feel to your brand.

  • Start with Card Sorting to define and group topics and categories
  • A Tree Test confirms that users understand your navigation and web labels
  • Let a Screenshot Click Test validate that users know where to click first
  • Measure if users can recall the most important page elements connected to your conversion points by means of a Screenshot Timeout Test

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