• Evaluate the findability, labeling and organization of your site’s structure: with UserZoom’s Tree Testing solution, you can closely match the navigational experiences a visitor would have on your site.

    With a Tree Test you can:

    • Detect navigational issues early in the design process. It is cheaper and easier to get the structure right from the beginning rather than fixing it later down the line.
    • Analyze first and all attempts where participants had trouble navigating before your site goes live.
    • Effectively measure how well users can find items in a hierarchy

What results do you get?

  • Success rate - the percentage of participants completing the task correctly
  • Speed rate - the average time for completing each task
  • Directness rate - the percentage of users completing the task in the first try

Would you like to see the results for yourself?

How does it work?

  • 1 Create a Study

    Build your tree test in the UserZoom platform. Optionally include data from a corresponding card sort. Invite users to participate.
  • 2 Run the Study

    Participants are given a “find it” task. They are shown a text list of the top-level topics of the website, they choose a heading, and continue moving down through the tree until they find a topic that satisfies the task.
  • 3 Analyze Results

    Obtain results based on how much participants like the navigation and if the structure is easy to understand.

Why is UserZoom’s software unique?

  • Agile methodology

    UserZoom's Tree Testing allows you to work with the Agile methodology in order to quickly obtain results of a large number of users and get statistical significance
  • Combine research methods

    Include Tree Testing in the same study to combine different user research methods, such as Card Sorting or Online Surveys
  • Record all attempts

    The UserZoom results interface records first and all attempts which means you are able to see how successful real users on your site would be

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