• What is UserZoom?

    UserZoom is an All-in-One Enterprise software solution for Online User Experience Research. Our ‘Worry-Free’ solution offers a Quantitative and Qualitative research platform to help UX/CX, Product Managers and Marketing professionals test and measure all aspects of their web and mobile properties.

  • What is Unmoderated Remote User Testing?

    With UserZoom, you can run unmoderated, task-based studies with geographically dispersed participants over any web-based interface (website, prototype, mock-up.) Participants take the study simultaneously, in their natural context, using their own device. This enables you to reduce cost, save time, recruit with ease and improve the frequency of usability testing.

What Results Do You Get?

  • Effectiveness & Efficiency Ratios
  • User Facial Expressions, Audio Feedback & Screen Recording
  • Clickstreams & Heatmaps
  • Information Architecture Data: Dendograms & tree Paths
  • Satisfaction Metrics
  • User Xomments as Survey Responses & Text Clouds

Utilize UserZoom at Every Stage

Test with UserZoom throughout the whole product development lifecycle, on both PC & Mobile platforms.

1. Agile Testing/User-Centered Design

During the early stages of the development of a website UserZoom can provide fast, iterative prototype testing. A site’s information architecture may also be tested with UserZoom’s card sorting and tree testing capabilities.

2. UX Benchmarking & Usability Testing

Once a website is live, a baseline measure of the user experience can be established and used as a benchmark for further longitudinal testing. UserZoom can also be used for competitive testing at this stage to identify industry best practices and pitfalls.

3. Voice of the Customer (VOC) / True Intent

Measure and understand customer’s experience with a website at anytime with UserZoom’s True Intent / Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution by capturing thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors of site visitors. Who is coming to the site? Why are they coming? Are they able to accomplish their intended task?

A Complete, Worry-free Solution

Overwhelmed with all the UX, Usability and Research solutions out there? Tired of using multiple vendors for one thing? UserZoom empowers your research by offering an all-in-one software platform, easy recruiting and dedicated services in one complete package—so you can focus on the bigger picture.

1. All-in-One Research Software

The most advanced research SaaS for mobile and desktop devices.

  • Web Remote Usability Testing

    Let users test your websites, prototypes or mock-ups quickly and easily to identify usability issues and to optimise conversion rates.

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  • Mobile Remote Usability Testing

    Run task-based usability studies on mobile devices. Obtain quantitative and qualitative data from participants using their own smartphone or tablet.

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  • Information Architecture

    Quickly validate the UX Design of prototypes and test your site’s navigation and Information Architecture to integrate your research findings into Agile development projects.

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  • Web Voice of the Customer

    Intercept real visitors on your website, create user profiles, measure customer satisfaction rates and and collect user feedback before and/or after visitors have experienced your site or product.

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  • Mobile Voice of the Customer

    Invite real App users to participate in an online survey before and/or after they have experienced your application. Collect their feedback, create user profiles and measure their satisfaction.

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  • Online Surveys

    Create advanced surveys with logic, conditions and piping and combine them with task-based usability tests in one and the same study.


2. Flexible Recruiting Options

Get the right participants in the shortest amount of time

  • Panel Vendors

  • Intercept Recruitment

  • Invitation Link

  • QR Codes

  • Feedback Tab

3. Outstanding Research Services

From defining a study to analyzing the data, we offer whatever it takes for you to be successful

  • Customer Enablement

    We get you started with a comprehensive launch program that includes hands-on training, first-time set-up and integration consulting and quality customer support.
  • UX Research & Consulting

    We help you with any aspect of your research project, be it defining a study, analyzing the data or executing the entire project. A high quality service guaranteed.
  • Recruiting Participants

    With UserZoom's recruiting options, recruiting participants doesn’t need to be a hassle. We’ll find the right participants in a timely manner, so that you can focus on your study.
  • Prototype Hosting

    Would you like to test a prototype and need us to host it for you so it can be accessed by participants remotely? We can certainly help!
  • Customer Support

    One of the most appreciated aspects of our brand value proposition is the outstanding support we offer on top of the access to our cutting-edge technology. We're here to help you along the way. You will never feel alone!

What Can You Test with UserZoom?

Measure multi-channel experiences, on multiple devices, in the home & in the wild

  • Web Experiences

    Improve online web experiences by testing live websites, wireframes & prototypes or by conducting UX benchmarking.
  • Mobile Experiences

    Improve mobile experiences by testing live mobile sites, prototypes or mobile apps on iOS & Android devices.
  • In-store Experiences

    Test in-store experiences, by asking customers to participate in a mobile study or survey via a link or QR code.
  • In-Lab Experiences

    UserZoom’s software can work in conjunction with in-lab research. Set up a study and run it live in a lab.