Video Questions is a feature for iOS and Android devices.

It allows you to record customer feedback during a remotely conducted mobile usability test.

Participants film their feedback and ideas with their own mobile device.

Users record their comments while they are surfing on your mobile web or prototype or while they are experiencing your product in one of your stores or at home.

Mobile Recorder

Find out what customers really think:

Mobile Usability Testing

Combine “think aloud” feedback with quantitative data

Participants record their thoughts the moment they are performing a task on your mobile website or prototype. You obtain qualitative information from your customers, which you can then combine with quantitative data such as task success rates and efficiency and effectiveness ratios.

Mobile Voice of the Customer for Stores and Products

Be part of the real-time product experience

Receive customer feedback from clients shopping in one of your brick and mortar stores. Participants can quickly enter a study and easily record their comments by means of a QR code. These mobile access codes can be placed in shop windows, product boxes and on price labels.

Video Questions also add value to ethnographic studies. They keep research costs down, because you are able to ask customers in their real user context how, when and where they use your products without needing a moderator to run the study.

How does it work?

Screenshot Click Testing
  • After performing a task, participants film their responses and feedback with the camera of their own mobile device. They have 60 seconds to record comments and ideas. Participants who do not want to be filmed can choose to provide a written answer.

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Use Cases - Beyond the Web

Marketing Managers / CX Managers

  • Challenge
    How can you find out what clients pay attention to the moment they are about to buy an item in a brick and mortar store?
  • Solution
    Add a QR code to the price tag. Clients are then invited to participate in a mobile survey. Their feedback is being recorded by means of their mobile phone.
  • Benefit
    Obtain qualitative information in a real user context. Receive more comprehensive and detailed insight into customer behaviour.

UX Professionals

  • Challenge
    You are developing a touch screen interface for a washing machine and need to test if users understand every functionality.
  • Solution
    Participants film the moment they try to select a programme in order to start the washing machine.
  • Benefit
    Find out if users know how to use a prototype or product. Obtain their ideas on how to enhance your products.

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