Voice of the Customer studies are online questionnaires, which allow you to intercept users on your website and collect user feedback once visitors have experienced your site or product.

You obtain user information and feedback related to:

  • Psychographic data for user profiling
  • Users’ intent for visiting your website
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Your Customer Experience
  • Your Multichannel Experiences
  • Your pricing model
  • Your brand positioning

When to conduct Voice of the Customer studies

Optimize Conversion Rates

Not all visitors come to your site with the intention to buy: Find out why a certain page has a high bounce rate or why online customers abandon a purchase, e.g. because of high delivery costs.

Get to Know Your Audience

Find out who your site’s visitors are and what they come to accomplish.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Are your customers satisfied with your online performance? Identify possible usability issues early on to increase brand loyalty.

Understand Customer Pain Points

By actively listening to your customers you will be able to understand what it is that they need or want and prioritize it.

Collect Customer Feedback at Any Time

Offer customers the opportunity to give feedback in an online survey. It is then less likely they will post bad brand experiences online.

Listen to your customers. Try Voice of the Customer

How does it work?

  • 1 Intercept visitors

    Real users visit your website. They are intercepted and invited to participate.
  • 2 Users surf the web

    Participants then surf the website in order to do what they came for.
  • 3 Obtain feedback

    After browsing your web, users give feedback before leaving the site.

What results do you get?

  • Quantitative data

  • Qualitative data

  • Satisfaction Metrics

  • Clickmaps

  • Clickpaths

  • Customer Feedback

Would you like to see the results for yourself?

Why is UserZoom’s software unique?

UserZoom is the first choice for companies wanting more than just an online survey tool.


Customise your questionnaire and choose what you want to measure and how. Adapt the look & feel to your brand.

Customer Behaviour

Besides user feedback you also obtain behavioural data such as clickpaths.

Easy to implement

By adding a Javascript code to your website, you are able to modify the questionnaire, pause it, change the interception rate and more.

Third party integration

Add UserZoom to your tag management process and combine your research results with your web analytics data.

Additional service

Decide whether you build and conduct a study or if you are too busy, ask one of our Customer Experience Consultants to do it for you.

Spotlight Feature: Web Analytics Integration

Web Analytics Integration
  • UserZoom allows you to integrate your survey data with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics and link user voice metrics such as satisfaction ratios or Net Promoter Score to clickstreams and other traffic data. This integration allows you manage the what and the why through a single lens.

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How can we help you?

  1. When buying a UserZoom Licence you are provided with an in-depth training and guidance. Our multilingual Customer Success Team is always available if you need support. In addition, you can find manuals and information in our online help section.
  2. If you lack in-house resources or need help with your research projects, you can always count on our User and Customer Experience Consultants in 4 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, USA) and our partners in more than 20 countries worldwide.

How our Customers benefit from Voice of the Customer

Clyde Araujo
Senior Specialist Customer Experience
Corporate Marketing METRO AG

Clyde Araujo
UserZoom has definitely helped us gain insight into how to positively optimise our UX.

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