Learning with real world tools

Many students are coming out of sophisticated Human Factors and User Experience University programmes and will soon be entering the workforce. These students are the future leaders and industry professionals for tomorrow’s business world. Working hard to earn advanced degrees, they will bring excitement and dreams of making an impact.

At UserZoom, we proudly support University Human Factors programmes by providing our software and training to use in the classrooms. No other User Experience Software offers such an array of features for tomorrow’s UX professionals.

What do we provide?

Our UserZoom Remote Usability Testing solution, with the addition of video screen capture, open and closed card sorting and survey tool.

Students will be able to perform up to 10 studies per school term, with 500 participant completes and collect up to 500 videos. As with all of our valued clients, students and professors participating in the University Programme have access to full training and support to ensure that they are successful with their projects.

How can you participate?

Contact Suzanne Nygord at university@userzoom.com with your University name, programme name, number of students and contact information.
You will receive a call and/or email with in 24 hours to set up an overview.

Download our University ProgrammeDownload our University programme

Universities already participating in our programme

  • Missouri Western University

    Proudly displays there partnership with UserZoom on their Human Factors programme page, to inform incoming students that they will have an opportunity to use the best real world tool available.
  • San Jose State University

    “I am happy to tell you that I was able to successfully collect and analyse the data needed for my master thesis using UserZoom. Thank you so much again for your help.” - Gabriela Istan
  • Bentley University

    “If you need to collect various UX metrics, you want to visualise abandonment or click paths, or really do anything beyond tasks and simple questions, you should consider UserZoom.” -Professor Bill Albert
  • U. Católica de Chile

  • UAB

  • Uni Wuerzburg

    I was impressed how quickly and easily I was able to collect qualitative as well as quantitative data for my usability project." I will definitely use UserZoom again for my thesis. Thank you very much!
  • UB

    UserZoom is comprised of a powerful tool set allowing you to conduct the most important research related to user studies and metrics as part of usability and information architecture projects. Its intuitive interface and design make it easy-to-use for both, students and professionals.

    Mario Pérez-Montoro
  • UPF

    My students used UserZoom to plan their own user tests. They collected lots of data in a few days and found analysing the results very easy. In less than 2 weeks they did a complete user test including navigation tasks, questionnaires and card sorting, all with excellent results. No student should graduate from an UX course without having used a remote testing tool like UserZoom.

    Mari Carmen Marcos
  • Washington University

    “While participants tested upLift, Userzoom analysed their behavior and measured things such as time, unique views and clicks, and provided us with statistics on task success rate and efficiency. It also gave us the survey response data to the initial and final questionnaires about the participants’ smart phone usage and volunteering experience in their everyday lives. Our team tried to do overall analysis of the online usability testing on upLift based on these statistics and data supplied by Userzoom.” – Professor James Landry
  • Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

    I was impressed by how quickly and easily I was able to gather both qualitative and quantitative data for my usability project. I will definitely use UserZoom again for my thesis. Many thanks!!