UserZoom Update: Introducing New Features and Enhancements

Over the past year we have worked very hard to make UserZoom even better! As a result of our customers’ feedback, we’ve added over 50 enhancements to our remote UX research software solution. We are really excited about it!

Enhancements include a new look and feel, improved navigation, performance, search, privacy controls and customization, and much more. As always, we are dedicated to ensure your success with UserZoom.

Some of the highlights are:

Enhanced performance and speed. We realize how important efficiency is for the UX professionals, so we went to work and accomplished what we consider a really significant tune-up. We improved the speed and optimized UserZoom for better performance.

Fine-tuned UI Look & Feel and overall usability. With the help of our customers’ input, we were able to make our navigation easier and faster. Searching for projects is a breeze, thanks to instant search results. The many new features we launch throughout the past years are now clearly organized according to your study goals and scope. Chart customization is also much better.

New notification system. Allows us to send news to you and your organization, including feature announcements, maintenance windows, and also special offers!

More robust privacy and ownership controls. Certain account types have new privacy settings, enabling individual or team sharing and collaboration.

UserZoom University. We are especially excited about the UZ University rollout. It is a great place to:

  • Learn how to best use UserZoom for all your research needs.
  • Learn how to integrate a UserZoom plan in your Usability and Research roadmap.
  • Watch videos on specific features or research types.
  • Become an un-moderated UX research expert.

UserZoom University is a work-in-progress, so we’ll be adding new content, such as videos, how to docs, and best practices every month. Also, we’ll be holding monthly webinar trainings to help you make the most of your subscription and research.

We are thankful to all our customers for their invaluable input as we continuously improve and make UserZoom your one-stop unmoderated remote research solution.

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