To deliver great results, you need a flexible research tool which adapts to every teams´ needs.

UX is an iterative process where user research is the heart and soul of every project.

Obtaining results quickly to integrate them into the agile development process is vital - also in order to stay within tight budgets.

This is why UserZoom offers all research features you need in only one research platform.

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Before Designing Your Website Or Mobile Web

Answer questions involving website goals, visitor expectations, and user requirements before collecting user data. Understand the whole context to make your website more effective. Find out what works and what doesnt by testing your first design draft – a great starting point for any future research.

During The Design Process

Obtain objective results to check if users understand your prototypes and site navigation. Ensure your ideas equally work for your website and mobile website.

  • Mobile Usablity Testing  

    Test mobile prototypes with real mobile users before starting the design process.
  • Online Card Sorting

    Conduct an open and closed card sort to improve your site’s categories.
  • Tree Testing

    Test if users can understand your navigation tree.

Continuously Measure The ROI Of UX

Setup a system to periodically measure the ROI of the usability improvements you apply to your site.

  • Launch A Monthly VoC

    Voice of the Customer Surveys are designed to get to know your website visitors. Find out who they are, what they intent to do on your site, and if they achieve their goals.

    How does it work? What results do you get?
  • Integrate Web Analytics

    Combine user satisfaction metrics like the Net Promoter Score obtained by a Voice of the Customer Survey with other traffic data to explain bounce rates.
  • Run A RUT Twice A Year

    Ask participants to perform tasks to identify usability issues on web shops and websites.

    How does it work? What results do you get?

Measure & Optimise UX Every Day

Launch user test with small samples to continuously improve minor issues. Test landing pages to check how they perform. Run studies on pages with high bounce rates to understand why users abandon the sites.

  • Screenshot Timeout Testing 

    Test if your landing pages are optimised and if visitors notice the most important information first.
  • Screenshot Click Testing

    Find out where users click first and if they can identify the most important access points to information
  • VoC Studies

    Why do users abandon a certain site: use a Voice of the Customer survey to identify the reasons.

Analyse Competitors

Run benchmark studies on your competitors websites. Ask participants to perform the same tasks on your website and mobile web.


Optimise Mobile User Experiences

Test your ideas for your mobile products on both, iOS and Android devices to create multi-device experiences.

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Why UserZoom?

  • Observe users in their natural context

    See how users interact with a website in their real user context. Listen to their feedback and find out what they need your website or mobile web to be like.

  • Combine user data

    Link quan & qual research results and quickly export user videos and research results to Word, Excel, Power Point, and SPSS.

  • Convince decision makers

    By sharing user videos and research findings you are able to make decisions based on objective data.

  • Be agile

    Receive results in real-time to quickly integrate your research findings into agile development processes.

  • Save time with one research software

    There is no other research platform which offers all the features you need to be successful. UserZoom allows you to analyse and filter real-time results, store data in the cloud, and integrate findings in your web analytics reports.

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